Internship SDR (Sales development representative) - Milan

Job description

Since its creation in 2012 by the Net Reviews group, Verified Reviews has a simple mission: to promote the voice of consumers! 

To achieve this, the company has developed a SaaS solution, the leader in the French market. This interface makes it possible to collect, manage and distribute customer opinions, requested in post-purchase. 

In just a few years, the Marseille startup has deployed in more than 44 countries. From Paris to Madrid, via Boston or Sao Paulo, we do not speak the same language, but we express a single Voice: that of the customers. 

MarTech Verified Reviews customers are made up of more than 6,000 websites and 20,000 stores. Thanks to this trusted third party, each company can listen, analyze and rely on customer feedback to perform ... Up to aiming for (5) stars. 

After fundraising of 32 million euros in 2019, the integration into its ecosystem of 2 great players of customer experience (Teester and Mediatech-cx) in 2020 ... 

Verified Reviews still wants to developp further, and find the next talents !

Your team :

To increase our growth in Italy, we have decided to open an office in Milan. You will meet Sabrina, our Key Account Manager, who is in charge of opening the office and who has been part of our team since 2016. Julien, our International Sales Manager will guide you from Marseille or come directly to the Italian branch, to help you carry out your projects.

You will be part of a team of 6 people (under construction) which will be composed of a Marketing Manager, Davide (Sales Enterprise), Marco (Customer Success Manager), Jennifer (Marketing & Com Manager) and Sabrina: your motto will be "Cooperation and good humor".

Your main goal will be to Increase Verified Reviews notoriety and market share business by leading a network of clients. In Italy, more than 350clients have already joined the adventure and we will count on your taste for challenge to develop our network!

Your missions :

  • Create lists : Identify prospects et find their contact information
  • Prospect by phone and e-mail : Qualify prospects based on potential and business sectors
  • Use IT tools : CRM and social medias
  • Transform prospects in SQL (Sales Qualified Lead): Identify the need, the budget, the main contact, the delay, to qualify leads and plan meetings with the Sales Team.

Job requirements

We want you in if:

  • Student in BA/BS degree or similar college level education
  • Understanding of digital ecosystem landscape and relationships
  • Comfortable with the hard-work and objective oriented culture
  • Naturally curious, fast-learner and able to adapt easily to any type of situation and environment
  • Initiative taker, able to work in complete autonomy and still have this passion for entrepreneurship.

Recruitment process :

  1. Call with the HR team to better understand who you are and your motivations.
  2. Final interview with Julien

Terms and conditions: